Major Muscle was established in 2018 and was the vision of veteran David Neaves; the purpose of which was to deliver a high quality gym brand aimed at male and female clientele and giving them a unique and distinctive look within the fitness environment, whilst also conveying a strong message in raising awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD is an anxiety disorder that effects between 11 – 20% of all veterans who have completed tours within the armed services.

Founder David Neaves is a seasoned veteran with a career that has spanned 14 years in the British armed forces. As a Lance Corporal and Detachment Commander, David has himself completed numerous operational tours of duty including Northern Ireland, Iraq, Bosnia/Kosovo and Afghanistan and also, travelled globally on various exercises.

David will openly admit to suffering from PTSD and the impact that it has had on his personal life and also the detrimental effects that PTSD poses for any individual that is suffering from the disorder. David realised that he needed to focus his energies and in doing so he discovered a love for body building and training to competition standard.

Currently the holder of the IBFA Mr England 2017/18 title and placing second in the World Championships, for the same federation as well as numerous other 1st and 2nd place titles across federations such as NABBA and PCA, David found the routine and regimented discipline involved, helped to focus his energies and gave him a positive mental mindset, through which he wanted to create a company that ran hand in hand with his love for the fitness industry as well as giving something back to his comrades and raising awareness for others effected by terrible problems associated with PTSD.

About Us

The mission of Major Muscle is now to bring this exciting new gym brand to market and through sales gained David has determined that 5% of the company profits will be gifted to PTSD Resolution to help the organisation and the excellent work and support they give veterans and their families. More information on this fantastic charity can be found at